Christof Böhler, PhD, Pharma Business Development

After finishing his PhD in chemistry at ETH Zurich dealing with bio-polymeric drug release systems, Dr. Christof Böhler moved to the United States for a Postdoc at the Salk and Scripps Research Institutes in La Jolla (CA, USA) carrying out bio-medical basic research.

From there he started to work as the head of development for a start up biotech company in Zurich, whose process has now been commercialized. Realizing the need to develop his commercial know-how, he moved into product management of research chemicals and biologicals at Fluka Chemie AG (a Sigma Aldrich company, Buchs, CH).

During his Fluka time he completed a postgraduate executive degree in "International Management" at the FH Liechtenstein and UBC Vancouver (Canada). His further career involved Business Development Manager Europe and Business Manager for Maybridge, a Drug Discovery service company, and finally Marketing Director "Drug Discovery Chemicals" for Acros/Maybridge (Fisher Scientific).

Christof brings into the company excellent knowledge in the bio-medical sector, proven hands on commercial skills, as well as a global network of key decision makers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.