Skin vaccination


Advanced skin vaccination with laser assisted epidermal immunization

Skin vaccination is an active immunization to induce immunity after exposure to an antigen on the pretreated skin instead of an injection.

In the past decade the skin has gained renewed attention as target for vaccinations due to its unique features such as

  • accessibility,
  • high abundance of skin-resident professional antigen presenting cells (APCs), and
  • efficient drainage through lymphatics to create
  • strong immune response

Positive experience for the patient



   Needle free

   Less side effects at the injection side

   Less vaccination needed

Positive experience for the vaccination team


   Easy to use

   Reliable automated procedure

   Fast procedure

   No sharp waste

Lower cost with dry EPIMMUN® vaccine patches

  • Higher immunogenicity
  • No cold chain needed
  • Less volume for transportation then vials and syringes
  • No waste management costs
  • and more

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