Infectious Diseases

Morbidity and mortality due to infectious diseases have been dramatically reduced by improved vaccination, which is the most cost-effective public health measure to prevent spread of disease (Lambert et al., 2005). Most vaccines are given by intramuscular injection, even though the muscle is not a highly immunogenic organ (Hutin et al., 2003, Hohlfeld and Engel, 1994). The skin, in contrast, is a much more attractive site for vaccination from an immunologic perspective, because of its many resident dendritic cells and efficient drainage to lymph nodes (Debenedictis et al., 2001, Kupper and Fuhlbrigge, 2004).

We are excited by such strong immunogenicity results, which is the result of a novel approach to vaccination.
2018 Siegriest CA. et al., Phase I, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized safety and immunogenicity trial of reactivation of pertussis toxin immunity with an investigational epicutaneous patch in healthy adults
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With the EPIMMUN® patch many benefits can be achieved.

Improved immunogenicity compared to SC or IM

  • direct delivery to key immune cells in the superficial skin layers
  • enhanced immune response
  • dose reduction of vaccine
    • to lower production cost
    • to increase the availability of the vaccine

Cold chain reduction with dry formulation in patch

  • to get higher rates of working vaccines/ successful vaccination
  • to lower the cost

Up to 7 times lower packaging volume compared to vials

  • to lower the cost
  • to pack more drugs in a backpack of a immunization healthworker to outreach more people in the field

Low device cost compared to syringe cost

  • 10 Cent per vaccination (at average 40 vaccines per day)
  • to increase the availability of the vaccine

No contamination through sharp waste

  • to lower the risk of health care workers
  • to lower cost in waste management

Reproducible compared to microneedles or ID (Mantoux technique)

  • to get higher rates of well done vaccination

Easy and fast

  • high throughput
  • low training cost

Painless and needle free

  • perfect for children and adult