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The Big Picture

Pantec Biosolutions puts the skin at the center of all its activities .

We are developing innovative solutions based around laser-assisted microporation for epidermal drug delivery and for further micro-poration assisted treatment in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

The Skin

At Pantec Biosolutions we realise how important skin is and we are fully committed to it. With innovative ideas, we have a clear goal in mind: to deliver tangible benefits through the skin - for all people, their health and wellbeing. The way to these benefits is through the skin as a medium for pharmaceutical, aesthetic and dermatological interventions.

Loving skin

Human wellbeing is the focus of all our activities. We are pioneers – opening the doors to modern painless medicine and to innovative aesthetic applications. Accessible and affordable to all – we break new ground by ourselves and also particularly in collaboration with others.

Excellence in skin

We apply our technical expertise and medical know-how in the service of the skin. Our newly developed P.L.E.A.S.E.® laser device is the key to a whole new dimension in treatment. This technology provides an effective preparation for drug delivery through the skin. Available worldwide, this is the first laser of its kind and very easy to use.

Precision for the skin

We are laying the foundations for effective therapeutic interventions, redefining the terms "vaccination", "transdermal drug delivery" and "aesthetic medicine". The combination of safety, scope of application and precision makes this technology unique. Furthermore, this has been confirmed through international scientific study.

Knowledge for the skin

Investing in R&D and taking a solution-oriented approach to our work are both integral to our corporate strategy. We build bridges between different disciplines. Our “can do” approach means that we have become leaders in several sectors of the medical and aesthetic industries.

Skin vaccination

We strongly belief, that skin vaccination is the most cost-effective public health method to prevent spread and cure of disease. With our advanced skin vaccination method EPIMMUN® and the unique P.L.E.A.S.E.® technology – the best in class epidermal delivery - we want to be part of next generation preventive and therapeutic vaccines. With a strong network to experts in this field in Pharma, Biotech and Universities we create together the solution for a positive patient experience.