for demanding requirements


Laser modules developed by Pantec fulfill the purpose of enabling perfect integration for medical and industrial applications. Our diode pumped 2 m.i.k.r.o.n.TM and 3 m.i.k.r.o.n.TM Solid-state laser systems can be used for a wide range of applications due to their adaptability. This technology is particularly successful in the medical field due to its numerous positive properties in the treatment of human hard and soft tissue. more

The diode laser technology is primarily suitable for industrial applications. DLM-12 modules emit nearly diffraction limited radiation in pulsed and continues wave regime. Due to the resulting unprecedented brightness they are well suited for highly demanding application e.g. in the field of solid state laser pumping. All our laser modules are characterized by their strong performance combined with a compact design for perfect integration options. Do you already know our user-friendly P.L.E.A.S.E. Research device? It offers excellent opportunities for preclinical studies.

Lasermodule Laser Module Photonic Blue Green Red Pantec Biosolutions 3mikron 2mikron 2um 3um diode pumped solid state laser
FAM Laser Lasermodule Module Industrial Medical Pantec Biosolutions direct diode integration grey
White Research Medical Device Pantec Biosolutions AG Laser  tissue Treatment Medicallaser dermatology